The mug that delivers more.

Glowstone’s heated smart mug was born out of frustration, as most great inventions usually are.


Nowadays, with the latest innovations in home drinks making machines, it’s possible for everyone to make lovingly brewed tea and coffee at home. The problem is that while the technology is improving, no one is thinking about the actual delivery of the drink. Even with the most advanced drinks making machines, your drink will only stay at the perfect drinking temperature for a few minutes. It was this discovery that made us realise a good hot drink should remain at the perfect temperature until the last sip, and this shouldn’t mean compromising on taste or mug quality.

Through months of countless experiments and designs, we finally found a way to deliver and maintain the perfect drinking temperature of 60°C to 65°C for an extra hour*, time and time again.

By combining the finest bone china with our patented Glowstone Core Technology, we’ve found a way to deliver not only the perfect temperature drink but also the perfect taste. Give it a try. You’ll never look back.