Perfect temperature, perfect taste. 

Introducing the Glowstone self-heating smart mug. It keeps your tea and coffee at the perfect temperature for an extra hour, in a mug that delivers perfect taste every time. Combining the latest smart technology with a premium fine bone china body, this is the mug that lets you take a step back, slow down, and fully immerse yourself in the perfect drinking experience.  

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Keeps your drink hot to the last drop.

Your hot drink deserves a mug that delivers and maintains perfect drinking conditions. Handcrafted in England from fine bone China, The Glowstone smart mug automatically keeps your beverage at the perfect drinking temperature of 60°C to 65°C for an extra hour*. Extend your drinking experience, stir the senses. 


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The perfect blend of pleasure and performance.

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Ideal Temperature

Patented Glowstone Core Technology maintains scientifically proven perfect drinking temperature of 60°C to 65°C for an extra hour in 2 half an hour slots.

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Fine bone china

Made from the finest bone china to ensure the perfect taste. 

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Dishwasher proof

As all of its workings are sealed inside, the Glowstone smart mug is entirely safe in your dishwasher. 


wireless charging

Smart QI coaster wirelessly charges mug through mains and USB and can be used to charge your phone and other devices. 


Cool base technology

The Glowstone has been carefully designed so that the base remains cool to the touch whilst keeping your drink hot , so no heat damage to surfaces.


Glowstone builds technology to optimise life. 


Never compromise on taste.

You wouldn’t drink fine wine from a plastic cup or eat caviar with a metal spoon, so why would you have your hot drinks from anything other than a fine bone china mug?

The Glowstone ceramic smart mug means you no longer need to taint your drinks in a flask in order to keep them hot.


The Detail

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Combining the finest bone china and elegant handcrafted design with patented Glowstone Core Technology to deliver the perfect taste and the perfect temperature every single time.  

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Wirelessly charges through a smart QI coaster, works straight out of the box, and glowing light bar turns on and off automatically. No complicated buttons or maintenance. 

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Handcrafted in England using the finest materials from around the world, fully dishwasher proof and protected by a one-year warranty. 

Join the hot drinks revolution.  

Glowstone have created a mug that delivers a scientifically perfect cup of tea, time and time again.
— Professor Andrea Sella, University College London