My mug is on the charging base but it didn’t flash 3 times?

If your mug hasn’t flashed 3 times it is not charging. Please pick up the mug and place it back on the base until you see it flash 3 times.

Can I leave my mug on the charging base for longer than 5 hours?

Yes, your Glowstone charging base will turn off when your mug is fully charged so don’t worry about leaving it charging overnight or while you’re out of the house.

Can I put my Glowstone mug in the microwave?

No. Putting your Glowstone mug in the microwave will damage it beyond repair. Please just rely on the mug’s own heating technology.

My mug didn’t turn off at the last sip?

To turn off, your mug needs to be empty. Make sure you’ve had your last sip. If the mug still hasn’t turned it off just turn it upside down or place it back on your charging base.

What do the flashing lights on the mug mean?

Flash 3 times: Your mug is on the charging base and charging.

Glow continuously: Your mug now keeping your drink at the perfect temperature.

How do I use my Glowstone mug?

Follow these simple steps to start using your Glowstone mug. If you need any further information please take a look at the more detailed Glowstone Instruction Manual included in the box.

Step 1: Plug your charging base into the mains or a USB port, and place on a level surface. A blue light will turn on to let you know your charging base is ready for use.  

Step 2: To charge your Glowstone smart mug, place the mug in the center of the charging base. The glowing light on your mug will flash 3 times to confirm it is now charging. Your mug will take around 5 hours to fully charge from empty.

Step 3: Pour hot water from your kettle, tea pot or coffee machine into your Glowstone mug as you normally would.

Step 4: Once your drink has reached its perfect temperature, your mug’s light bar will activate and the mug’s heating unit will keep your drink hot for an extra half an hour.

Step 5: The mug will turn off automatically when you take your last delicious sip, ready for cleaning by hand or in your dishwasher.

Any other questions?

Need help with something not answered here? Please get in touch with us at support@glowstone.tech and we'll help you out.