We are Glowstone. 

Glowstone reinvents everyday products to make life more convenient. 

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Optimising Life

Founded by our lead engineer Thomas Gostelow, Glowstone uses the latest advances in smart and connected technology to optimise our experiences with everyday products to make life more convenient for everyone. Our flagship product is the Glowstone heated smart mug, but this is just the first step.

We’re on a mission to optimise everyday products across all walks of life. Our patented Glowstone Core Technology is reinventing the way the world works, and it’s through this commitment to global improvement that we create value for our investors, our customers and society.


Brand values

As a company, Glowstone is committed to delivering the very best products and technologies, and the best work is created in a culture of shared values. These values sum up the Glowstone way of doing things and ensure we all continue to grow as a united team of passionate innovators, makers, and thinkers.  

Default to clarity

Everything we create is intuitive and free from clutter. To encourage a culture of clear focus we continually strive to find the simplest solutions and make everything crystal clear.

Relentlessly push the boundaries

We don’t settle for the first iteration and always push ourselves to keep learning, growing, and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Enjoy the ride

We’re passionate about engineering and consider ourselves extremely fortunate to be able to change the way the world works, for the better. This passion should be celebrated and we always take time to reflect on our achievements.

Focus on sustainability

We’re building a more convenient and more sustainable world. Everything we do should follow sustainable practices and we should always focus on improving efficiencies across everything we do.

Live an optimised life

We don’t just help other people live a more optimised life. We live and breathe it.

Join the hot drinks revolution.